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Graduate TA Training Opportunities

Many undergraduate students at the University of Delaware interact at some point with a graduate student who functions in an instructional capacity –as a Teaching Assistant (TA), mentor, lab assistant, or course instructor – and many UD graduate students are the full-time faculty of the future. CTAL offers training and development opportunities for these essential community members.

CTAL offers an orientation, structured workshops, informal discussions, and two academic courses focused on teaching and learning in higher education. CTAL also provides various online resources and individual consultation. Through CTAL’s opportunities, graduate students learn to build rapport with their students, increase their pedagogical knowledge and organizational skills, and become responsive to the needs of diverse learners.


  • Enhance the teaching effectiveness of TAs while at UD.
  • Provide a systematic and comprehensive preparation of graduate students for teaching roles.
    • Become familiar with current pedagogical practices and research in higher education.
    • Provide opportunity to develop participants' instructional skills in a collegial atmosphere.
    • Reflect on teaching practice.


  • TA Orientation in August for First-Time TAs (August 20, 2014)
  • Monthly TA Workshops (open only to graduate students)
  • Monthly Tuesday Teaching Talks (open only to graduate students)
  • Two courses for teaching and learning in higher education (open to graduate students, post docs, faculty, and professional staff at UD)
  • Faculty development consultations and resources, including support in developing a Teaching Portfolio